Versions of the Skills and Competencies Taxonomy

The first version of the Skills and Competencies Taxonomy was published on the National Occupational Classification website in July 2019.

This work-related terminology classification was developed from internal products such as the Career Handbook, the Skills and Knowledge Checklist, and the Essential Skills Profiles, the U.S. O*NET system, as well as a variety of national and international capability-based frameworks. The Taxonomy is intended to be a reference tool used to address labour market topics and issues.

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The Taxonomy standardizes the terminology of several hundred occupational descriptors used in the labour market. Each descriptor is associated with one of eight main categories (skills, abilities, personal attributes, knowledge, interests, work context, work activities, and tools and technologies) and further divided into sub-categories. In this way, the Taxonomy enhances the comparison of concepts and their application across occupations and sectors.

This product is a central pillar of the Occupational and Skills Information System (OaSIS) also developed by Employment and Social Development Canada. As the Taxonomy is intended to reflect the evolution of the labour market, categories, sub-categories and descriptors will be added and clarified over time.

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