1. 1 Current step Structure of the NOC
  2. 2 Major groups
  3. 3 Sub-major groups
  4. 4 Minor groups and unit groups
  5. 5 Practice quiz II
  6. 6 Step two - Complete

Structure of the National Occupational Classification Return to menu

As discussed in the first step of the tutorial, the National Occupational Classification (NOC) is composed of unit groups, each represented by a five-digit code. The first digit of the code represents the broad occupational category and the first layer of the structure. Each digit following that first one helps a NOC user delve into the NOC structure at a more detailed level and further specify the nature and characteristics associated with a given occupation.

This step of the tutorial will provide you with information on the NOC structure, starting with the major groups (first two digits of the NOC code), followed by the sub-major groups (first three digits of the NOC code), the minor groups (first four digits of the NOC code), and finally the unit groups.

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