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7612 – Other trades helpers and labourers

Other trades helpers and labourers assist skilled tradespersons and perform labouring activities in the installation, maintenance and repair of industrial machinery, refrigeration, heating and air conditioning equipment, in the maintenance and repair of transportation and heavy equipment, in the installation and repair of telecommunication and power cables and in other repair and service work settings. They are employed by a wide variety of manufacturing, utility and service companies.


Example titles

  • Aerial spraying assistant
  • Aircraft mechanic helper
  • Cable installer helper
  • Diesel mechanic helper
  • Ground worker - telecommunications
  • Mechanic's helper - automotive
  • Millwright helper
  • Refrigeration mechanic helper
  • Splicer helper - telecommunications
  • Surveyor helper

Main duties

This group performs some or all of the following duties:
  • Move tools, equipment and other materials to and from work areas
  • Assist in splicing overhead and underground communications and electric power transmission cables
  • Assist in repairing, maintaining and installing industrial machinery and equipment
  • Assist in repairing, maintaining and installing refrigeration, heating and air conditioning equipment
  • Assist in repairing, maintaining and installing elevators
  • Assist in repairing and maintaining stationary electric power generating and distribution equipment
  • Assist in mechanical, electrical and body repairs of aircraft, railway cars, automobiles, trucks, buses, heavy equipment and motorcycles
  • Assist in repairing electrical appliances, small engines or other similar equipment
  • Mix fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides and load mixture into airplane for aerial spraying
  • Assist in land surveying activities, such as holding or moving stakes and rods, clearing brush and debris from line of survey and transporting surveying tools to work area
  • Perform other labouring and elemental tasks as required.

Employment requirements

  • Some secondary school education may be required.
  • On-the-job training is provided.

Additional information

  • There is little or no mobility between occupations in this unit group.


  • Construction trades helpers and labourers (7611)

Breakdown summary

Broad occupational category
7 – Trades, transport and equipment operators and related occupations
Skill level
D – On-the-job training is usually provided for occupations.
Major group
76 – Trades helpers, construction labourers and related occupations
Minor group
761 – Trades helpers and labourers
Associated Career Handbook profiles
7612.0 – Other trades helpers and labourers
NOC 2016 Version 1.3
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