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65229 – Other support occupations in personal services

Workers in other support occupations in personal services provide psychic consulting, fortune-telling, astrological services and other personal services. They are employed by call centres and personal service establishments, or are self-employed.


Example titles

  • Astrologer
  • Chat line agent
  • Dating service consultant
  • Fortune teller
  • Psychic consultant
  • Psychic reader

Main duties

This group performs some or all of the following duties:
    • Chart and interpret stellar and planetary positions on a horoscope to predict future events and trends for a client or the general public.
    Psychic consultants and related advisors
    • Provide personal advice to clients based on various schools of thought.
    Other service providers
    • Offer a wide variety of personal services not elsewhere classified.

Employment requirements

  • A period of training under the guidance of a practitioner is usually required.

Additional information


  • Image, social and other personal consultants (64201)
  • Massage therapists (32201)

Breakdown summary

Broad occupational category
6 – Sales and service occupations
5 – Occupations usually require short-term work demonstration and no formal education
Major group
65 – Sales and service support occupations
Sub-major group
652 – Support occupations in food, accommodation and tourism
Minor group
6522 – Support occupations in personal services
NOC 2021 Version 1.0
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