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64101 – Sales and account representatives - wholesale trade (non-technical)

Sales representatives in wholesale trade (non-technical), sell non-technical goods and services to retail, wholesale, commercial, industrial, professional and other clients domestically and internationally. They are employed by establishments that produce or provide goods and services such as petroleum companies, food, beverage and tobacco producers, clothing manufacturers, motor vehicles and parts manufacturers, hotels, business services firms, and transportation companies. Auctioneers are included in this unit group. Sales representatives in wholesale trade who are supervisors are also included in this unit group.


Example titles

  • Advertising time sales representative
  • Food products sales representative
  • Freight sales agent
  • Graphic design sales representative
  • Hotel accommodations sales executive
  • Liquor sales representative
  • Magazine sales representative
  • Oil distributor
  • Security services sales consultant
  • Transfer company agent
  • Wholesale trade representatives supervisor

Main duties

This group performs some or all of the following duties:
  • Promote sales to existing clients
  • Identify and solicit potential clients
  • Provide clients with presentations on the benefits and uses of goods or services
  • Estimate or quote prices, credit or contract terms, warranties and delivery dates
  • Prepare or oversee preparation of sales or other contracts
  • Consult with clients after sale or signed contracts to resolve problems and to provide ongoing support
  • Review and adapt to information regarding product innovations, competitors and market conditions
  • Represent companies that export and import products or services to and from foreign countries
  • May conduct sales transactions through Internet-based electronic commerce
  • May supervise the activities of other sales representatives.

Employment requirements

  • Experience in sales or in an occupation related to the product or service is usually required.
  • Voluntary certification is available from the Canadian Professional Sales Association.
  • Fluency in a foreign language and/or foreign country work or travel experience may be required for sales representatives seeking employment with companies that import or export goods or services.
  • Completion of secondary school is required.
  • Supervisors and senior sales representatives require experience.
  • A university degree or completion of a college or other program may be required.

Additional information

  • Progression to sales management positions is possible with additional training or experience.


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