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84121 – Fishing vessel deckhands

Fishing vessel deckhands perform a variety of manual tasks on commercial fishing voyages, and maintain fishing vessels. They are employed by establishments that operate commercial fishing vessels and by self-employed fishermen/women.


Example titles

  • Fishing vessel crewman/woman
  • Fishing vessel deckhand
  • Fishing vessel icer
  • Fishing vessel netmender
  • Seiner deckhand
  • Trawlerman/woman

Main duties

This group performs some or all of the following duties:
  • Prepare nets, lines and other fishing tackle, and operate fishing gear to catch fish and other marine life
  • Sort, return protected species to the water, clean and pack fish in ice and stow catch in hold
  • Repair nets, splice ropes and maintain fishing gear and other deck equipment
  • Clean deck surfaces and fish hold
  • Handle anchors and mooring lines during docking and undocking procedures
  • May steer vessels to and from fishing areas
  • May prepare and cook meals for crew members.

Employment requirements

  • There are no specific educational requirements.
  • On-the-job training is provided.
  • Marine Emergency Duties certificate is required by Transport Canada.
  • A deckhand training program may be required.
  • Trawlermen/women require at least one year of experience.
  • Fishing vessel deckhands require a commercial fishing licence.

Additional information

  • Fishing vessel deckhands may become skippers upon acquiring an entry licence and a boat.
  • Fishing vessel deckhands may progress to watchkeeper or mate positions with additional training.


  • Deck officers, water transport (72602)
  • Fishermen/women (83121)
  • Fishing masters and officers (83120)

Breakdown summary

Broad occupational category
8 – Natural resources, agriculture and related production occupations
4 – Occupations usually require a secondary school diploma; or several weeks of on-the-job training
Major group
84 – Workers in natural resources, agriculture and related production
Sub-major group
841 – Workers in natural resources and fisheries
Minor group
8412 – Workers in agriculture and fishing occupations
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