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0412 – Government managers - economic analysis, policy development and program administration

Government managers in economic analysis, policy development and program administration plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate economic policy, research and programs in areas of government activity such as taxation, international trade, labour markets, transportation or agriculture. They also plan and direct policies and programs to promote industrial and commercial business development in urban and rural areas. They are employed by all levels of government.


Example titles

  • Border services manager
  • Business development director - government services
  • Customs manager - government services
  • Economic analysis chief - government services
  • Economic development director - government services
  • Economic policy analysis director - government services
  • Energy market analysis director - government services
  • Excise tax programs director - government services
  • Farm products marketing director - government services
  • Forest resource analysis chief - government services
  • Grain market analysis manager - government services
  • International trade policy manager - government services
  • Revenue programs manager - government services
  • Tax policy research manager - government services
  • Taxation manager
  • Tourism development manager - government services
  • Trade development director

Main duties

This group performs some or all of the following duties:
  • Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the development of economic policy research projects and economic programs
  • Participate in the development of departmental policies by providing advice to senior government managers
  • Organize departmental unit and establish procedures to meet departmental objectives set by senior management
  • Direct and advise economists and other professional staff who conduct economic research, prepare reports or administer programs in areas of government activity such as taxation, international trade, labour, transportation or agriculture
  • Direct and advise economic development officers or other staff administering programs to promote industrial and commercial business investment in urban or rural areas
  • Plan, administer and control research and administration budgets for projects, support services, equipment or supplies
  • Organize and direct committees evaluating departmental or agency projects or programs
  • Interview, hire and oversee training and professional development.

Employment requirements

  • A bachelor's degree in economics, business administration, commerce or public administration is required.
  • A master's degree in economics or a related field may be required.
  • Several years of experience as an economist, economic development officer or socio-economic researcher are required.

Additional information

  • Progression to senior management positions is possible with experience.


Breakdown summary

Broad occupational category
0 - Management occupations
Skill level
A - Occupations usually require university education.
Major group
04 - Specialized middle management occupations
Minor group
041 - Managers in public administration
2016 Version 1.3
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