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Skills and Competencies Taxonomy 2023 Version 1.0

Personal characteristics that are innate and developed through the social context and personal experiences to which the individual is exposed. These qualities influence the way one is and does things and are considered valuable assets for work performance.

Results-Based Attributes

The personal characteristics related to the drivers around brining things to completion.

Descriptor Definition
Achievement [Endnotes] The quality of establishing and maintaining goals and exerting all effort to accomplish them successfully.
Initiative The quality of taking on responsibilities and challenges, proposing, doing or organizing something by oneself without being prompted by others.
Motivation The quality of being driven by interest, need, reason or reward to achieve something or to reach a set outcome.
Perseverance [Endnotes] The quality of voluntarily and deliberately putting forth the effort required by a task or activity despite difficulties, failure or obstacles.
Risk-Taking The quality of being willing to make a risky choice, with regard for the consequences, in the hope of achieving a desired results or benefit in return.
Competitiveness The quality of being driven by a deep desire to be as good as or better than others to perform well in a comparable context.
Independence The quality of developing one's own way of doing things, guiding oneself with little or no supervision, and depending on oneself to get things done.

Professional Conscientiousness

The personal characteristics related to the drivers around fulfilling commitments.

Descriptor Definition
Being Responsible The quality of taking responsibility for one’s own actions and the actions of a group.
Reliable The quality of being dependable and respectful of commitments.
Integrity The quality of being honest, ethical, and authentic.

Dynamic Thinking

The personal characteristics related to bubbling ideas and critical thinking.

Descriptor Definition
Having Judgement The quality of forming an opinion consistent with common sense based on an assessment of an event or fact.
Analytical Thinking The quality of analyzing information and using logic to address issues and problems.
Attention to Detail [Endnotes] The quality of being meticulous in the execution of tasks.
Creativity [Endnotes] The quality of coming up with unusual or clever ideas about a given topic or situation, or to develop original ways to solve a problem.
Innovativeness [Endnotes] The quality of alternative thinking to develop new products or services to make improvement or to develop a new approach.
Entrepreneurial Spirit The quality of identifying and seizing opportunities and moving from idea to achievement.


The personal characteristics related to the improvement of one's knowledge, status, or character by one's own efforts.

Descriptor Definition
Adaptability [Endnotes] The quality of adapting oneself to expected or unexpected changes and different situations while continuing to achieve past or renewed goals.
Self-Control [Endnotes] The quality of maintaining composure, keeping emotions in check, controlling anger, and avoiding aggressive behaviour, even in very difficult situations.
Stress Tolerance [Endnotes] The quality of being able to remain calm, without being carried away by stress situations and to deal effectively with such situations.
Tolerance of Ambiguity The quality of being able to function in an environment where there is uncertainty, unpredictability, conflicting directions or multiple demands and to approach these situations as challenges to improve.
Resilience [Endnotes] The quality of recovering from difficulties or changes, one has had to face, to bounce back and then move forward.
Self-Awareness The quality of being aware of own personality, character, and feelings including strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, behaviors, beliefs, motivation, and emotions.
Self-Confidence The quality of trust in one’s ability to achieve goals, believing in one’s potential and abilities, and knowing that one is capable of achieving goals when facing challenges.
Active Learning [Endnotes] The quality of pro-actively looking to understand the implications of new information in the current and changing workplace.
Continuous Learning The quality of wanting to continuously develop and improve one's skills, abilities and knowledge in order to adapt to changes and work effectively.

Social Traits

The personal characteristics related to the positive attitudes one has toward other people that most often lead to positive relationships.

Descriptor Definition
Leadership The quality of leading others towards a common goal by guiding, influencing, and inspiring them.
Charisma The quality of possessing charm, attracting and arousing the interest, attention, or admiration of others through speeches, attitudes, temperament, or actions.
Concern for Others [Endnotes] The quality of having empathy towards others' feelings and needs and being understanding and helpful.
Collaboration [Endnotes] The quality of contributing and working cooperatively while being supportive and inclusive of others to achieve a common goal.
Service Orientation The quality of actively looking for ways to help, serve, or assist others.
Trust in Others The quality of establishing and maintaining a relationship of trust with the people around you.
Social Orientation The quality of seeking to work with others and relating to them on the job.
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