Tools and Technology[lxix]

Category of tools and technology used to perform tasks.

Detailed information can be found under the United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC). For the purpose of this taxonomy, elements related to services, materials, or consumable products were not considered.

Apparel and Luggage and Personal Care Products

Luggage and Handbags and Packs and Cases
Personal Care Products
Sewing Supplies and Accessories

Building and Construction Machinery and Accessories

Heavy Construction Machinery and Equipment

Cleaning Equipment and Supplies

Cleaning and Janitorial Supplies
Industrial Laundry and Dry Cleaning Equipment
Janitorial Equipment
Water and Wastewater Treatment Supply and Disposal

Commercial and Military and Private Vehicles and their Accessories and Components

Aerospace Systems and Components and Equipment
Marine Transport
Motor Vehicles
Non-motorized Cycles
Railway and Tramway Machinery and Equipment
Transportation Components and Systems
Transportation Services Equipment
Vehicle Bodies and Trailers

Defense and Law Enforcement and Security and Safety Equipment and Supplies

Conventional War Weapons
Fire Protection
Law Enforcement
Light Weapons and Ammunition
Personal Safety and Protection
Public Safety and Control
Rockets and Subsystems
Security Surveillance and Detection

Distribution and Conditioning Systems and Equipment and Components

Fluid and Gas Distribution
Heating and Ventilation and Air Circulation
Industrial Filtering and Purification
Industrial Pumps and Compressors

Domestic Appliances and Supplies and Consumer Electronic Products

Bedclothes and Table and Kitchen Linen and Towels
Consumer Electronics
Domestic Appliances
Domestic Kitchenware and Kitchen Supplies
Domestic Wall Treatments
Floor Coverings
Window Treatments

Electrical Systems and Lighting and Components and Accessories and Supplies

Electrical Equipment and Components and Supplies
Electrical Wire Management Devices and Accessories and Supplies
Lamps and Lightbulbs and Lamp Components
Lighting Fixtures and Accessories

Electronic Components and Supplies

Automation Control Devices and Components and Accessories
Discrete Semiconductor Devices
Electron Tube Devices and Accessories
Electronic Hardware and Component Parts and Accessories
Passive Discrete Components
Printed Circuits and Integrated Circuits and Microassemblies

Farming and Fishing and Forestry and Wildlife Machinery and Accessories

Agricultural and Forestry and Landscape Machinery and Equipment
Fishing and Aquaculture Equipment

Industrial Manufacturing and Processing Machinery and Accessories

Chicken Processing Machinery and Equipment
Electronic Manufacturing Machinery and Equipment and Accessories
Foundry Machines and Equipment and Supplies
Industrial Food and Beverage Equipment
Industrial Machine Tools
Industrial Process Machinery and Equipment and Supplies
Lapidary Machinery and Equipment
Leatherworking Repairing Machinery and Equipment
Mass Transfer Equipment
Metal Cutting Machinery and Accessories
Metal Forming Machinery and Accessories
Metal Treatment Machinery
Mixers and their Parts and Accessories
Petroleum Processing Machinery
Rapid Prototyping Machinery and Accessories
Raw Materials Processing Machinery
Sawmilling and Lumber Processing Machinery and Equipment
Textile and Fabric Machinery and Accessories
Welding and Soldering and Brazing Machinery and Accessories and Supplies

Information Technology Broadcasting and Telecommunications

Communications Devices and Accessories
Components for Information Technology or Broadcasting or Telecommunications
Computer Equipment and Accessories
Data Voice or Multimedia Network Equipment or Platforms and Accessories

Laboratory and Measuring and Observing and Testing Equipment

Laboratory and Scientific Equipment
Laboratory Supplies and Fixtures
Measuring and Observing and Testing Instruments

Material Handling and Conditioning and Storage Machinery and Their Accessories and Supplies

Containers And Storage
Industrial Refrigeration
Material Handling Machinery and Equipment
Packaging Materials
Packing Supplies

Medical Equipment and Accessories and Supplies

Clinical Nutrition
Dental Equipment and Supplies
Dialysis Equipment and Supplies
Emergency and Field Medical Services Products
Independent Living Aids for the Physically Challenged
Intravenous and Arterial Administration Products
Medical Apparel and Textiles
Medical Diagnostic Imaging and Nuclear Medicine Products
Medical Facility Products
Medical Sterilization Products
Medical Training and Education Supplies
Orthopedic and Prosthetic and Sports Medicine Products
Patient Care and Treatment Products and Supplies
Patient Exam and Monitoring Products
Physical and Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation Products
Postmortem and Mortuary Equipment and Supplies
Respiratory and Anesthesia and Resuscitation Products
Surgical Products
Veterinary Equipment and Supplies
Wound Care Products

Mining and Well Drilling Machinery and Accessories

Mining and Quarrying Machinery and Equipment
Oil and Gas Drilling and Exploration Equipment
Oil and Gas Drilling and Operation Materials
Oil and Gas Operating and Production Equipment
Well Drilling and Operation Equipment

Musical Instruments and Games and Toys and Arts and Crafts and Accessories and Supplies

Arts and Crafts Equipment and Accessories and Supplies
Classroom Decoratives and Supplies
Developmental and Professional Teaching Aids and Materials and Accessories and Supplies
Musical Instruments and Parts and Accessories
Toys and Games

Office Equipment and Accessories and Supplies

Office and Desk Accessories
Office Machines and their Supplies and Accessories
Office Supplies

Power Generation and Distribution Machinery and Accessories

Atomic and Nuclear Energy Machinery and Equipment
Batteries and Generators and Kinetic Power Transmission
Electrical Wire and Cable and Harness
Power Generation
Power Sources

Printing and Photographic and Audio and Visual Equipment and Supplies

Audio and Visual Presentation and Composing Equipment
Photographic and Recording Media
Photographic Filmmaking Supplies
Photographic or Filming or Video Equipment
Printing and Publishing Equipment

Published Products

Electronic Reference Material
Printed Media
Signage and Accessories

Service Industry Machinery and Equipment and Supplies

Gambling or Wagering Equipment
Institutional Food Services Equipment
Vending Machines

Sports and Recreational Equipment and Supplies and Accessories

Camping and Outdoor Equipment and Accessories
Collectibles and Awards
Field and Court Sports Equipment
Fishing and Hunting Equipment
Fitness Equipment
Gymnastics and Boxing Equipment
Other Sports
Recreation and Playground and Swimming and Spa Equipment and Supplies
Sports Equipment and Accessories
Target and Table Games and Equipment
Water Sports Equipment
Winter Sports Equipment

Structures and Building and Construction and Manufacturing Components and Supplies

Concrete and Cement and Plaster
Construction and Maintenance Support Equipment
Doors and Windows and Glass
Exterior Finishing Materials
Interior Finishing Materials
Permanent Structures
Plumbing Fixtures
Portable Structure Building Components
Portable Structures
Prefabricated Structures
Roads and Landscape
Structural Building Products
Structural Materials and Basic Shapes

Tools and General Machinery

Automotive Specialty Tools
Hand Tools
Hydraulic Machinery and Equipment
Pneumatic Machinery and Equipment
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