Versions of the Occupational and Skills Information System (OaSIS)

The Occupational and Skills Information System (OaSIS) links the Skills and Competencies Taxonomy (SCT) to the National Occupational Classification (NOC), to provide context and detailed information on 900 occupations.

To keep pace with evolving labour market and occupational information, the OaSIS will be updated regularly to align with the NOC and the SCT. Updates may include the creation of new occupational profiles, reviewed content of the existing ones, or the inclusion of new competency descriptors and measurement dimensions.

OaSIS 1.0

OaSIS 1.0 was published in November 2022.

This version of the OaSIS database is based on the NOC 2021 Version 1.0 and SCT 2022 Version 1.0. It contains 900 occupational profiles and information on about 200 competency descriptors for each occupation. The profiles also include information from the respective NOC unit groups, such as the lead statement, examples of titles, main duties, employment requirements, occupations classified elsewhere and workplaces/employers.

To find out more about the competency descriptors included in the OaSIS, as well as their measurements and scales, please consult the OaSIS methodology section.

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