The NOC Challenge


Answer the following questions by clicking on the selection button located to the left of each answer. Only one answer per question is possible. Use any of the NOC resources to help you with these questions. Good Luck!  
1. You are a client service officer administering employment insurance services. Part of your job is to verify occupation codes that clients fill out on their application for employment insurance benefits. You have in front of you an application on which the client indicated she worked as a sales representative for a pharmaceutical company. What code would you assign for this occupation?
2. You are coding occupations for the National Census. A respondent indicates that his job title is member services co-ordinator for a downhill ski company. What code do you assign for his occupation?
3. As an employment counsellor you have to help a client find wage information for an accounts payable clerk. What NOC code will you use to classify this occupation?
4. In the NOC, management occupations:
5. What document are you reading if you are looking at the duties of an occupation?
6. NOC 5244 is the code for a(n):
7. Code the following classified advertisement: Sales engineer for high-growth area To meet the large demand for design tools our company is currently looking to expand its North American sales force. To effectively meet customer needs, the ideal candidate would have extensive knowledge of real-time software development plus a proven sales track record.
8. Which of the following resources can you use to find the 4-digit NOC code for an occupation?
9. How do you code an occupation where only a title is given?
10. When should the Occupational Descriptions be consulted?
11. Which of the following is false?
12. The Occupational Descriptions contain which of the following elements of information for each NOC unit group?
13. How many major groups are there under the Occupations in Natural Resources, Agriculture and Related Occupations skill type?
14. What is the 4-digit NOC code for a Webmaster?
15. You are a labour market analyst and you are asked by a client what the NOC code is for a job characterized by the following duties: Prepare and file correspondence, reports, statements and other material, operate office equipment, answer telephones. Photocopy and collate documents for distribution, mailing and filing.
16. Digit 3 corresponds to what skill type?
17. Code the following occupation: Wanted - Customer service representative We are a telemarketing sales centre that is currently hiring people to sell a new line of clothing to potential customers. If you have good telephone skills and have an extensive sales background send us your resume.
18. Code the following occupation: Wanted - Heavy equipment operator Our company operates a large wood mill in Northern Ontario. It has a vacancy for a chipping machine operator. If you have at least 5 years of experience please send us your resume.
19. A NOC group refers to:
20. How are military occupations identified in the NOC?
21. Which of the following statements is true?
22. Under what skill type is a nanny classified?
23. Code the following advertisement: Vice president - customer service and operations Call on your considerable leadership skills to bring diverse teams even closer together in the quest for customer satisfaction. In a high transaction, high technology environment, you have shown your ability to attract people, empower people and inspire them to excel. This position requires strong strategic, analytical and operational skills.
24. The NOC is not:
25. When having difficulties coding an occupation, you should consider which of the following:

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