Practice Quiz I


Answer the following questions by clicking on the selection button located to the left of each answer. Only one answer per question is possible. Use any of the NOC resources to help you answer the questions. Good Luck!  
1. What does "NOC" stand for?
2. Who is MOST likely to use the NOC resources?
3. The NOC can be used for which of the following:
4. A NOC unit group code is composed of how many digits?
5. For all occupations, the first digit of a NOC represents:
6. For non-management occupations, the second digit of a NOC represents:
7. The NOC has how many skill type categories?
8. How many occupational groups are described in the NOC?
9. How many skill levels appear in the NOC?
10. Which of the following is responsible for the production of the NOC?
11. In what year was the NOC implemented?
12. What best describes skill level?
13. What is the main purpose of the NOC?
14. Which of the following use(s) the NOC:
15. A NOC code that starts with a "0" represents:

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