7445 Other repairers and servicers

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Lead statement

This unit group includes workers, not elsewhere classified, who repair and service a wide variety of products, such as cameras, scales, musical instruments, coin machines, vending machines, sporting goods and other miscellaneous products and equipment. They are employed by product specialty repair shops and service establishments.

Example Titles

  • bicycle repairer
  • camera repairer
  • meter repairer
  • piano repairer
  • scale repairer
  • sewing machine servicer – domestic
  • sporting goods repairer
  • vending machine repairer

Main duties

Repairers and servicers in this unit group perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Inspect products to determine the requirement for repair
  • Repair or replace defective or worn-out parts and components using hand, power or specially designed tools
  • Test and adjust repaired products for proper functioning
  • Perform routine maintenance
  • May calibrate products using hand tools.

Employment requirements

  • Some secondary school education is usually required.
  • Completion of college or other courses relevant to a particular equipment or product repair or completion of several months of on-the-job training is usually required.

Additional information

  • Some mobility may occur among workers in this unit group.
  • Progression to supervisory positions is possible with experience.