6564 Other personal service occupations

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Lead statement

This unit group includes occupations, not elsewhere classified, that provide psychic consulting, fortune telling, astrological services and other personal services. They are employed by call centres and personal service establishments, or are self-employed.

Example Titles

  • astrologer
  • chat line agent
  • dating service consultant
  • fortune teller
  • psychic consultant
  • psychic reader

Main duties

The following is a summary of main duties for some occupations in this unit group:


  • Chart and interpret stellar and planetary positions on a horoscope to predict future events and trends for a client or the general public.

Psychic consultants and related advisors

  • Provide personal advice to clients based on various schools of thought.

Other service providers

  • Offer a wide variety of personal services not elsewhere classified.

Employment requirements

  • A period of training under the guidance of a practitioner is usually required.