1511 Mail, postal and related workers

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Lead statement

This unit group includes workers who process and sort mail and parcels in post offices, mail processing plants and internal mail rooms, and clerks who serve customers and record transactions at sales counters and postal wickets. Mail, postal and related workers are employed by Canada Post Corporation, courier and parcel express companies and establishments throughout the public and private sectors.

Example Titles

  • bus parcel express clerk
  • express mail service clerk
  • mail clerk
  • mail room clerk
  • mail sorter
  • postal clerk
  • postal counter clerk
  • postal wicket clerk
  • railway mail clerk


  • bursting machine tender

Main duties

The following is a summary of main duties for some occupations in this unit group:

Postal workers

  • Calculate and affix the correct postage on letters, parcels and registered mail and receive payment from customers; sell stamps, prepaid mail and courier envelopes and money orders; route mail to the proper delivery stream; sign or obtain signatures from recipients for registered or special delivery mail and keep records; answer inquiries and complete forms regarding change of address, theft or loss of mail; and record and balance daily transactions.

Mail sorters

  • Sort mail according to destination; bundle, label, bag and route sorted mail to the proper delivery stream; and search directories to find the correct address for redirected mail.

Mailroom clerks

  • Receive, process, sort and distribute incoming and outgoing mail, faxes, messages and courier packages manually or electronically; maintain address databases and produce personalized mailings; print and photocopy material, and address and stuff envelopes; weigh outgoing mail, calculate and affix proper postage, and bundle by postal code; and may operate and maintain print shop and mailing house equipment.

Employment requirements

  • Completion of secondary school and some college office administration courses may be required.

Additional information

  • Progression to supervisory or facility management positions is possible with additional training or experience.