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National Occupational Classification 2016

Update and revision process

Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) and Statistics Canada work collaboratively to complete National Occupational Classification (NOC) updates and revisions. Historically, the departments undertook content updates every five years and structural revisions every ten years.

To establish the frequency of updates or revisions, the departments strive to reconcile the need to keep the taxonomy up-to-date with the ability to reflect occupational changes over time, while minimizing disruption to statistical coding and time series analysis. As part of continuous improvement, ESDC and Statistics Canada decided to update the NOC on a more frequent basis.

For more information regarding the NOC update and revision process, please consult: Participate in the update of the National Occupational Classification.


December 2018

Summary of changes

The NOC has been developed and maintained as part of a collaborative partnership between ESDC and Statistics Canada.

This update of the classification was completed in response to the legalization of cannabis for non-medical use. This has resulted in twenty-five new job titles being created in NOC 2016 to reflect new occupations in the cannabis industries.

Unit group Code Job title addition to unit group
0212 quality assurance manager - cannabis
0621 cannabis dispensary manager
0621 cannabis shop manager
0822 master grower - cannabis
0822 head grower - cannabis
2121 extraction specialist - cannabis
2211 quality control technician - cannabis
2225 cloning technician - cannabis
2225 cultivation technician
3233 nurse educator - cannabis
6421 budtender - cannabis
6421 bud expert - cannabis
6421 cannabis educator
6421 cannabis consultant
7514 cannabis courier
7514 cannabis delivery driver
8255 section grower - cannabis
8255 lead grower - cannabis
8432 cannabis trimmer
8432 cannabis trim worker
8432 grower - cannabis
9213 production supervisor - cannabis processing
9213 cannabis processing supervisor
9461 encapsulator - cannabis processing
9617 cannabis processing labourer

December 2017


ESDC and Statistics Canada would like to thank everyone who submitted proposals for changes as part of the NOC 2016 update. These proposals are important as they help ensure the consistency, accuracy and relevance of the classification.


In May 2017, ESDC and Statistics Canada invited NOC users to submit proposals for changes to the NOC. The objective of the consultation process was to collect input for the NOC 2016 update and fuel research in preparation for the NOC 2021 revision.

Summary of changes

ESDC and Statistics Canada reviewed the proposed changes that were submitted. Structural changes have not been included in this update; these will be taken into account as part of the NOC 2021 revision.

The following tables list the changes made as part of this update:

Code Job title addition
0213 computer systems integration manager
1311 finance technician
2152 senior landscape architect
2171 management information systems (MIS) consultant
2171 software quality assurance (QA) auditor
2172 data scientist
2173 cloud engineer
2173 cloud administrator
2173 cloud architect
2174 cloud developer
6532 zipline guide
7441 window film installer
Code Job title deletion
0213 systems integration manager – computer systems
0213 MIS (management information system) manager
0213 IT (information technology) development manager
0213 systems manager – computer systems
0213 systems development manager – computer systems
0213 systems operations manager – computer systems
2152 landscape planner
2152 golf course architect
2171 IT (information technology) business analyst
2171 information systems quality assurance analyst
2171 software QA (quality assurance) analyst
2171 EDP (electronic data processing) auditor
2172 DBA (database analyst)
2172 DBA (database architect)
2172 DBA (database administrator)
2172 database architect dba
2173 artificial intelligence designer
2173 technical architect – software
2173 systems designer – software
2173 systems integration engineer – software
2173 test engineer, software
2174 Java programmer
2174 visual basic programmer
2174 EDP (electronic data processing) applications programmer
2174 PC (personal computer) application developer

Next steps

Research to improve the NOC is ongoing. ESDC and Statistics Canada will undertake another round of consultations shortly and details regarding the consultation process will be posted on the NOC website.

ESDC will continue to provide advice to NOC users as well as training sessions.

May 2017

The following table lists the changes made as part of this update.

English job title Type of clarification to NOC 2016
child life specialist addition to 4212
dimensional inspector - machine shop move to 7231 (from 9416)
fire suppression crewman/woman – forestry job title change: "forestry" added to job title (8422)
fire crewman/woman – forestry job title change: "forestry" added to job title (8422)
garbage collector addition to 7621
metal scaffold erector move to 7236 (from 7611)
metal scaffold erector helper addition to 7611
military police officer addition to 4313
military policeman/woman addition to 4313
paper maker – control operation job title change: “control operation” added to job title (9235)
realtor move to 6232 (from 0121)
real estate broker move to 0121 (from 6232)
snow removal equipment operator – private home addition to 7521