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Welcome to the Career Handbook – Third Edition website.

The Career Handbook provides global ratings assigned to occupations to further define worker characteristics and other indicators related to occupations that are important for career exploration and informed career decision-making. It includes information on aptitudes, interests, involvement with data/people/things, physical activities, environmental conditions, education/training indicators, career progression and work settings. This counselling resource is used by a wide range of professionals for many applications, and by individuals engaged in self-directed career planning.

This edition of the Career Handbook includes 939 occupational profiles that provide updated information in the following sections: Lead Statement, Examples of Job Titles, Workplaces/Employers, Employment Requirements, Exclusions, Occupational Options and Remarks. No updates have been made in the Career Handbook-specific content. This means that the profiles maintain the original descriptor scales and ratings for aptitudes, interests, involvement with data/people/things, physical activities and environmental conditions, as developed in the CH 2003. The presentation format has changed to allow users to easily access and understand information.

We hope you find the Career Handbook website an informative and helpful resource.

The Third Edition of the Career Handbook was released in 2018.

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