5136 Painters, sculptors and other visual artists

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Lead statement

Painters, sculptors and other visual artists create original paintings, drawings, sculptures, engravings and other artistic works. They are usually self-employed. This group also includes art instructors and teachers, who are usually employed by art schools.

Example Titles

  • artist
  • artistic painter
  • art teacher (except primary, secondary and post-secondary education)
  • portrait painter
  • sculptor
  • silkscreen artist
  • watercolourist

Main duties

  • Painters, sculptors and other visual artists perform some or all of the following duties:
    • Painters create drawings, paintings and other artwork using oils, pastels, watercolours, charcoal, ink and other media.
    • Sculptors create sculptures, statues and other three-dimensional artwork by shaping, carving and working with materials such as clay, ice, paper, stone, wood or metal.
    • Art instructors and teachers teach students the techniques and methods of drawing, painting, sculpting and other forms of artistic expression.

Employment requirements

  • Creative ability and talent, as demonstrated by a portfolio of work, and knowledge of the safe use of materials, tools and equipment are required. Art programs are offered at universities, colleges and private art schools.
  • A college diploma in fine arts techniques may be required.
  • Art instructors and teachers may be required to have a university degree or college diploma in a field related to art.


  • Artisans and craftspersons (52445244)
  • Art teachers (in 4011, 4021, 4031, 4032 – university, post-secondary, secondary and elementary education) (in 52415241 Graphic designers and illustrators)
  • Graphic designers and illustrators (52415241)