2262 Engineering inspectors and regulatory officers

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Lead statement

Engineering inspectors and regulatory officers inspect transportation vehicles such as aircraft, watercraft, automobiles and trucks and weighing and measuring devices such as scales and meters as well as industrial instruments, processes and equipment for conformity to government and industry standards and regulations. They are employed by government agencies and in the private sector.

Example Titles

  • elevator inspector
  • engineering inspector
  • insurance loss prevention inspector
  • marine damage surveyor
  • motor vehicle defects investigator
  • weights and measures inspector
  • airworthiness inspector
  • electricity and gas meter inspector
  • engineering regulatory officer
  • air carrier maintenance inspector
  • air transport inspector
  • railway accident investigation officer

Main duties

Engineering inspectors and regulatory officers in this unit group perform some or all of the following duties:

Motor vehicles defects investigators

  • Conduct motor vehicle and motor vehicle component defect investigations, examinations, tests and defect-related accident investigations
  • Provide expert advice and testimony on specific motor vehicle performance problems or defects
  • Recommend improvements in vehicle inspection and licensing procedures and vehicle safety standards.

Railway accident investigation officers

  • Collect and analyze data from train derailments, collisions, and other accidents to determine the causes
  • Inspect and evaluate railway property, structures, rolling stock, signals, track structure and train handling characteristics to ensure compliance to operating standards.

Airworthiness inspectors

  • Conduct initial and regular inspections of establishments and individuals holding or applying for air carrier operating certificates and establishments engaged in aircraft maintenance, repair or modification
  • Inspect aircraft, advise of any deficiencies and detain aircraft suspected of being unairworthy or unsafe.

Inspectors, weights and measures

  • Conduct inspections and tests of a variety of mechanical and electronic weighing and measuring devices and systems
  • Prepare draft investigative reports of findings
  • Recommend corrective or enforcement action.

Oil and gas drilling rig inspectors

  • Conduct onshore and offshore inspections of drilling and well servicing equipment and processes to ensure compliance with regulations and policies and to recommend improvements and corrective action.

Employment requirements

  • University degree or college diploma in an appropriate engineering field or Trade qualifications and extensive related work experience are required.
  • Appropriate professional engineering or engineering technology certification and licences may be required.


  • Construction inspectors (22642264)
  • Inspectors in public and environmental health and occupational health and safety (22632263)
  • Non-destructive testers and inspection technicians (22612261)
  • Regulatory and compliance officers (in 11221122 Professional occupations in business management consulting)