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NOC 2016 Release

The National Occupational Classification (NOC) 2016 released today replaces the NOC 2011 released in 2012. It updates occupational descriptions and occupational titles while maintaining the structure of the NOC 2011.

Beginning in early 2017, the content of the NOC 2016 will be updated on a regular basis to ensure it reflects changes in occupations in the Canadian labour market. Any changes brought to NOC content will not affect the structural integrity of the NOC 2016; there should be no impact on statistics or quantitative data.

May 2017 – Notice of changes to the NOC 2016

NOC 2016 Highlights

  • Label changes have been brought to nine codes to better reflect the occupations within each unit group.
  • 314 unit groups were revised, including changes to the style and format of information.
  • More than 200 new titles were added to the NOC 2016 index of titles and an additional 20 English titles were modified to provide better context.
  • More than 10,000 inverted titles were removed from the Index of Titles list to simplify title searches.

The NOC 2016 is the result of in-depth research, analysis and assessment of input received through consultations and job studies.

NOC Training

If you would like to receive training on the NOC 2016, please contact us

May 2017 – Notice of Changes to the NOC 2016

The National Occupational Classification (NOC) 2016 was jointly released by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) and Statistics Canada in October 2016. This notice is to inform users of changes to the NOC 2016. A list of updates is provided below.

English Job Title Type of Clarification to NOC 2016
child life specialist addition to 4212
dimensional inspector - machine shop move to 7231 (from 9416)
fire suppression crewman/woman – forestry job title change: "forestry" added to job title (8422)
fire crewman/woman – forestry job title change: "forestry" added to job title (8422)
garbage collector addition to 7621
metal scaffold erector move to 7236 (from 7611)
metal scaffold erector helper addition to 7611
military police officer addition to 4313
military policeman/woman addition to 4313
paper maker – control operation job title change: “control operation” added to job title (9235)
realtor move to 6232 (from 0121)
real estate broker move to 0121 (from 6232)
snow removal equipment operator – private home addition to 7521